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Cas 39562-70-4 Nitrendipine Agent Powder Hypertension Treatment

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Place of Origin: Xi'An ,China
Brand Name: Wango
Certification: GMP
Model Number: W-268
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Name: Nitrendipine Cas: 39562-70-4
Function: Antihypertensive Colour: Yellow Powder
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Nitrendipine Agent Powder


Hypertension Treatment Nitrendipine

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Nitrendipine 99% Cas39562-70-4 API Antihypertensive original supplying 


Cas 39562-70-4 Nitrendipine Agent Powder Hypertension Treatment 0

Yellow cristalline powder
Heavy metal
Optical Rotation
Between (- 0,1) and (+0,1)
Residue on Drying
< 0.1%
Related Substances
Each Impurity:≤0.5%Total Impurity:≤1.0%
Melting Point

New antihypertensive drug Nitrendipine is a new antihypertensive drug, chemical name is nitrophenyl ethylpyridine, belongs to dihydropyridine derivative, antihypertensive effect and nifedipine similar, but more effective, more lasting effect, up to 15 hours. Nirendipine is the second generation of dihydropyridine calcium antagonist, which is the most common 4 dihydropyridine calcium antagonist (nifedipine, amlodipine, felodipine) in clinical research, mainly used for the treatment of elderly hypertension and coronary heart disease. We know that the conventional method to treat high blood pressure is the guanidine b organism (blood pressure) and double hydrogen sulfate grams of urine (diuretic) combination and so on the one hand, double hydrogen grams of urine sodium by row diuresis, decreased blood volume, cardiac output decreases, on the other hand, direct inhibition of vascular smooth muscle, blood vessels and decrease peripheral vascular resistance causing blood pressure to drop, Therefore, combined with guanethidine sulfate, the antihypertensive effect was enhanced and the occurrence of edema was reduced. However, more potassium is excreted by dihydrocarbamate, which is easy to cause hypokalemia. However, if nitrendipine and dihydrocarbamate are used in combination, hypokalemia can be avoided. Because this product is excreted by urine sodium, not only helps the patient to reduce blood pressure, and it has the effect of inhibiting aldosterone release, so it does not cause hypokalemia. Pharmacological effects Nirendipine was first marketed in Germany in 1985 for the treatment of hypertension, congestive heart failure and hypertension with angina pectoris. It can selectively act on the calcium channel of vascular smooth muscle and inhibit the transmembrane calcium influx of vascular smooth muscle and myocardium. Its affinity for blood vessels is greater than that of myocardium, and its selective effect on coronary arteries is stronger. The order of arterial dilation intensity is: coronary artery > femoral artery > renal artery > pulmonary artery. It can reduce the oxygen consumption of myocardium and protect the ischemic myocardium. It can reduce the total peripheral resistance and reduce blood pressure. Oral absorption is good, but there is obvious first pass effect, F is 10% ~ 20%. PPB is 98%. Earlier studies reported t1/2 at 2h, while recent studies reported t1/2 at 10-22h due to the use of more sensitive measurement equipment. The oral Cmax was about 1.5h, and the systolic blood pressure began to decline after 30min, and the diastolic blood pressure began to decline after 60min. The antihypertensive effect reached its maximum within 1 ~ 2h and lasted for 6 ~ 8h. It is widely metabolized in the liver, 70% of its metabolites are excreted through the kidney and 8% are excreted in the stool. Serum drug concentration and elimination half-life were increased in patients with liver disease. Drug interactions (1) can increase plasma concentrations of digitalis, such as digoxin, by an average of about 45%. (2)β -receptor blocker: the vast majority of patients combined with this drug can strengthen the antihypertensive effect, and can reduce the tachycardia occurred after the product antihypertensive; However, individual patients have Chemicalbook that can induce and aggravate systemic hypotension, heart failure, and angina. (3) The combination with angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor has good tolerance and enhanced antihypertensive effect. (4) Cimetidine can mediate the inhibition of liver cytochrome P450 enzyme and change the first effect of nitrendipine. It is suggested that patients who are taking cimetidine should be combined with nitrendipine and pay attention to the adjustment of drug dose. Precautions (1) Avoid use during pregnancy; Use with caution when liver function is not complete; Renal insufficiency has little effect on nitrendipine, but it should be used with caution. (2) The elderly should reduce the dose, β -blockers should be used carefully, and start from a small dose; The recommended initial dose for older adults is 10mg per day. (3) In the vast majority of patients, only mild hypotension reactions can be tolerated, but some patients may have serious systemic hypotension symptoms; This reaction often occurs during initial dosing adjustments or when dosage is increased, especially with the combination of beta-blockers; Therefore, blood pressure should be measured regularly during taking this product. (4) In a very small number of patients with severe coronary artery stenosis, the incidence of angina pectoris or myocardial infarction is increased during nirendipine or increased dose, and the mechanism is unknown; A small number of patients who received beta-blockers developed heart failure after the addition of this product, and patients with aortic stenosis were at greater risk; Therefore, blood pressure and electrocardiogram should be measured regularly during taking this product. (5) Serum alkaline phosphatase may increase in a few cases. Chemical properties Yellow crystal or crystalline powder, odorless and tasteless. Susceptible to deterioration in light. Soluble in acetone or chloroform, slightly soluble in methanol or ethanol, almost insoluble in water. Melting point 156 ~ 159℃. Acute toxicity LD50 mouse, rat (mg/kg) : 39,12.6 iv; 2540, > 1000 oral. Purpose The second generation calcium antagonist is an ideal drug for the treatment of hypertension. It has significant and lasting antihypertensive and vasoconstriction effects. Applicable to all types of hypertension, such as primary and secondary mild and moderate hypertension, coronary heart disease, congestive heart failure, etc. Purpose It can be used as the condensation of nitrobenzaldehyde and ethyl acetoacetate under the catalysis of acid to obtain 2-(3-nitrobenzyl subunit) ethyl acetoacetate. Ethyl 2-(3-nitrobenzyl) acetoacetate and methyl 3-aminobutenic acid were placed in the flask of a Soxhlet extracter, anhydrous ethanol was added, sieve wrapped in filter paper was filled in the siphon of the soxhlet extracter, and heated reflux for 4h in water bath, and then left overnight. The crystallization precipitated by filtration was recrystallized with 5 times the amount of anhydrous ethanol, denitrendiping pure product, melting point 158 ~ 159℃, yield 90.8%. Without molecular sieve, the yield was 86.1% .





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